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Kinetica is a front-running sports nutrition brand, providing the latest in innovative health & fitness supplementation. Kinetica's history lies chiefly in Ireland's dairy production. The brand was founded in 2009, and quickly solidified a position in the UK, Ireland and multiple other international markets.

The company's commitment to generating a wide and in depth range of nutrition supplements which are great tasting, can be trusted entirely and are supported by pervasive expertise is the platform on which the brand was built.

With the parent company’s wisdom in Whey Protein production, Kinetica have absorbed this proficiency and conjured a wide of products including pivotal condition enhancing supplements, as well as a broad spectrum of Whey Proteins. With products including Whey Protein Isolate, (often chosen by elite athletes), and Hydrolysed Whey Protein (HWP), known to grant faster absorption during the recovery period necessary after an intense workout, Kinetica's promise to provide only the best quality Sports Nutrition supplements is unparalleled.

Countless customers turn to Kinetica as a result of their dedicated team of experts. With renowned nutritionist, Matt Lovell, alongside skilled research technologists and a broad network of samplers, Kinetica are able to receive endorsement and support from a fantastic scope of experts in the sports nutrition field.

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