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FortiFX strive to offer the best tasting nutritional products that you can trust. They are passionate about great-taste. Every product stamped with the FortiFX name not only will have a quality nutritional breakdown, but it will also taste amazing. This makes it easier to reach your fitness goals without having to sacrifice the taste that you often have to save for a “cheat day”.

FortiFX is also committed to raising the label accuracy in a sketchy nutrition market. FortiFX is 100% label compliant and lab test their nutritional facts panels to guarantee what is on the label is what is in the wrapper.

For the past 25 years, all layered protein bars have been made exactly the same way; it's called Cold Extrusion. In this process, manufacturers mix protein with an awful tasting putty that is then shaped and decorated to look like a candy bar. After a few weeks, the awful tasting protein bar gets hard as a rock. There's a good chance you've experienced this before.

FortiFX Bars are NOT built on awful tasting putty. Baking all of their bars in ovens; Then decorate each high protein cookie bar with proprietary cream layers and rich chocolates that internal Food Chemists formulate. FortiFX manufacture every FortiFX bar while making sure each and every bar is label compliant and delivers the taste people have grown to love.

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